Recruitment for the
modern era

Beacon is a fractional recruiting solution for growth minded teams with limited bandwidth and critical hiring goals.

Growth minded leaders require effective recruiting solutions

We are experienced recruiters with smart tools and well-defined processes who seamlessly integrate with your team to add bandwidth and quickly fill critical roles.

Transformation over transaction

The traditional “agency model” is a transactional race to the bottom characterized by inconsistent results and high costs.

Our fractional recruitment model offers a more consistent and collaborative approach.

Communicate where you already work.

Nobody needs another browser tab. Beacon delivers frequent updates & vetted profiles right to your preferred messaging channel. (Slack, Discord, Teams, email etc). Stay organized with enriched candidates submitted direct to your ATS.

Monitor progress with scheduled reports.

Fragmented tech stacks produce scattered, incomplete hiring data. Beacon's in-house systems capture & centralize key events across pipelines. Benchmark dozens of volume, conversion, & aging metrics to measure your results over time.

Diagnose bottlenecks with reliable data.

So you’ve got reports, now what? Beacon brings data to life with rules-based alerts to flag missed targets & take action. Learn from historical patterns. Focus effort where it counts to overcome roadblocks and keep the process moving.

Close top candidates with confidence.

It hurts to lose a great hire at the finish line. Beacon takes care to coordinate interviews, set expectations, and perform regular check-ins. Rely on a strong candidate experience to protect your brand and secure signed offers.

Repeat your hiring success.

Heroic efforts & referrals go a long way, but fall short as your organization scales. Beacon's refined process builds team chemistry & sets a foundation to replicate wins. Reduce talent risk. Don't solve for the hire, solve hiring.

Let's build a team.

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